I’ve eaten parts of moringa all my life as I was born in India and it is a delicious ingredient common in Southern regions of India. It is regarded as a “miracle tree” there.  I also know that the benefits of moringa are so great, it is now offered as a supplement.

Moringa health benefits may include:

  • Anti-inflammatory – which could help with chronic illness
  • Immune boost – which could help fight against infections, skin ailments, and allergies
  • Nutrient-dense food – which could help with nutritious menu planning
  • Blood-Sugar Balancer – which could help better manage menu planning for all, especially diabetics

These collective benefits may help minimize symptoms of so many disorders and diseases while providing essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your physical body.  It sounds great, but here’s the catch.

It is a bit messy to eat, so many people shy away from indulging.  When there is a food that is so good for you…it’s practically a superfood, you have to get your hands a little dirty!  I use it in a hearty stew as it lends a savory texture and flavor.  It will not fit on a spoon well, so I pick it up and put it in my mouth.  While still holding an edge, I close my mouth and sandwich it between my teeth (top & bottom).  Then I gently pull it out while my teeth scrape the contents of this fibrous vegetable.  Your fingers are left with the fibrous stem that is not eaten, while your mouth is enjoying the creamy flesh and pods which have absorbed the taste of your stew.

It is available at ethnic Asian markets throughout the US in the freezer section under the name “drumsticks”, and it is a very easy ingredient to work with in stews and dals.