Your health is your #1 possession in life… what will you do to protect your health?  In today’s world, you have to keep up with REAL health facts and swerve around FAKE Health fads and news, and you have to determine the best way to implement habit changes that are successful.  Doing all this and tweaking the process until you are happy with where you are and able to sustain your health is a BIG JOB!  Luckily, there’s a better answer that is smart, easy, and fun!  Get a health coach!

Want to live healthier?  Being supported by a health coach gives you this and the knowledge that you need to continually make health decisions.  So when health gets tough, get motivation and support from your health coach.  From dietary changes to maximize nutrition to weight loss to balancing health priorities, I’ll formulate a master plan for you to succeed in your health goals… and I’ll be right next to you as you choose to change some old habits.  What are you waiting for?

Doctor asked you to change your habits?  Effective health coaches translate the big, sometimes scary lifestyle changes that doctors demand into small, manageable goals that are no big deal. And these coaches “wear a variety of hats” depending on what their client needs at any given time, from “coach” to “cheerleader” to “accountability partner” to “skills builder.”

Chronic Illness?  Always seek the counsel of your medical doctor for any diagnosed illness.  But in addition to working with a doctor, a health coach can empower you with research on a topic, case studies, or even alternative regimens and practices being used today.   So if you don’t have time or find it emotionally difficult to do the research for yourself, let me do the footwork for you!

Autoimmunity?  Do you suspect you may have some autoimmune issues?   Always seek the counsel of your medical doctor for any diagnosed illness, but in addition to working with your doctor… would you like to work with someone who had personally struggled through an autoimmunity and brought herself to remission non-pharmaceutically?  Then, I’m your coach!  Let me explain some common processes as you move from autoimmunity to remission… Yes, you can!

Book a FREE consultation call to discuss how you can benefit by partnering with a nutritional therapist and health coach to tackle issues and reach your health goals.  I’ll guide you to the best package or customize one just for you!  Remember, this process will empower you to transform into a healthier, more productive, and happier you.  What are you waiting for?  Do it today!

Unfortunately current insurance models prevent me from offering the in-depth integrative consultation models which I believe are necessary for achieving optimal health results.  For this reason I am not accepting insurance in lieu of payment.  However, if you request, I am able to provide appropriate documentation for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health care  account reimbursement for some labs and tests.


Platinum Package:

6-month health coaching package for 1:1 health coaching.


  1. Basic food concepts, dietary myths, and primary foods
  2. Fueling the body for damage control & detoxification
  3. Satisfying the root cause of cravings
  4. Successful Menu planning
  5. Mindful eating
  6. Stress Management
  7. Lifestyle suggestions
  8. Self-reflection & Self-care
  9. Boosting energy and productivity
  10. Supercharged SMART goal setting
  11. Habits for a powerful change
  12. Synchronizing external health factors: relationships, physical activity & career


Gold Package: 

6-month group health coaching for you and up to 2 others includes:


  1. Basic food concepts
  2. Successful menu planning
  3. Mindful eating
  4. Ayurvedic body typing
  5. Metabolic body typing
  6. A week’s detox program
  7. Stress test
  8. Lifestyle suggestions
  9. Supercharged SMART goal setting
  10. Group support and partnership to hold accountability for commitments
  11. Habits for a powerful change
  12. Synchronizing external health factors: relationships, physical activity & career


Silver package: 

up to 2 sessions for a Nutritional Breakthrough


  1. Nutritional effects
  2. Habits for clean eating and damage control
  3. A nutritionally balanced week of meal recipes & grocery list & planner



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