Those that know me know that I depend on my smoothie of the day to provide me with a healthy dose of protein and taste to keep me going at peak immunity.  But what else is packed into this elixir of health?

According to psychiatrists today, some of the best ways to improve focus, productivity, and mental clarity involve some dietary supplementing.  My smoothies help me deliver all the brain boosting supplements I need – preferable in natural forms!  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Antioxidants is a fancy way to say, “Eat foods rich in different colors.” The blue of blueberries, red of beets, green of green tea, and brown of cacao all provide the raw materials to work towards improving your health and preventing illness.  I add some different pigment food into the blender… it could be blueberries on Mondays, strawberries on Tuesdays, Cacao on Wednesday… and so on.  I get a different drink each day, and my body gets a diverse army of antioxidants.  Win-win!
  • Mg – Magnesium is an in-demand mineral needed for hundreds of enzyme systems and activities in the body. Deficiency can create poor concentration, irritability, anxiety, depression, mood-swings, fatigue, and sleeping issues.  I often put ½ banana into my smoothies adding a natural ingredients which makes my drink sweet and thick.
  • Omega-3s & Fats – I also use a spoonful of some type of seed (sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon, hemp, flax, chia, basil, sesame) or some type of nut into the smoothie also. This provides a good source of Mg, healthy fats, and omega-3s.  Sixty percent of your brain is fat, and your brain depends on a steady supply of essential fatty acids for proper health.  These healthy fats are needed for healthy brain cell membranes, resulting in more focus and clearer thinking.  Omega-3s are brain nourishing fats.
  • Rhodiola – an Arctic herb for concentration, and attention span is sold in powder form to add to smoothies.

Remember to vary your nutrition (ie smoothies) daily so you offer your body an assortment of macro- and micro- nutrients.