Our RESET Detox goes live on March 6th this year!  It is a 7-day eating program designed for anyone interested in doing a gentle detox.  Typically it’s a good idea to detox at least once/year.  Our world continues to become more toxic with increased chemicals in our water, air, and foods (& toiletries& beauty products…).  We have a limited number of defense type responses to the unlimited number of toxins we encounter, so it is recommended to take a break from your normal routine and minimize the external toxins.  Give your body a chance to release, recover, and RESET!  If you can regularly take a time-out and provide the body a bit of rest from this constant battle there can be huge benefits, including an energy boost, great sleep, improved immunity,  less symptoms of a chronic illness, less aches and pains, less twitching, less headaches, and possibly even some weight loss!  Sound good?  Can you commit to just 7 days of adopting some new clean eating habits?  This RESET event allows the body a chance to detox in a gentle – no starvation way.  Foods include daily turmeric shots, smoothies, salads, soups, snacks, dinner meals, and dessert daily.  In addition, this RESET event also combines the Eastern Ayurvedic influence by detoxing the mindset and filling it with positivity, hope, and love.  Try this gentle approach to a clean eating program – your body, mind, and soul will thank you later.  REGISTER HERE