I recently started looking into ways to hide small amounts of gray hair developing right around the crown of my hair line.  This is the place i first see gray in-between coloring.  In the past i’ve ignored it or used a natural mascara product. It works well, but you have to wash your hair more often which gets old.  Now there are new products emerging that promise great coverage and convenience with dry formulas which cover gray with your natural tint color and wash out at your next shampoo.  No gloppy mess, irritation, or itching – sounds too good to be true!  i purchased a product from Color Wow, which was advertised on the View recently.  When i received the product, I noticed that it contained “talc”.  Considering that Johnson & Johnson is being sued for billions of dollars because of their use of “talc” in some of their powders, I firmly believe it is not a good idea to use talc in close proximity to my brain…. what do you think?  Today a stylist recommended another dry root cover up which contained aluminum starch.  I avoid Aluminum in my deodorants, so I’m not going to liberally spray this into my scalp anytime soon either!  I continue to look at the new products designed for graying men and women, and I haven’t found any that safely cover the gray while residing in the general proximity of the brain.  Have you?  I’d love to know!!