If you ask this India-native, when is the best time to have a cup of tea – the answer will be ANYTIME!  Tea is a comfort drink that soothes you, refreshes you, and heals you, according to a number of studies.  But what tea is the best?  It depends on a number of factors and preferences.  In this article I will bring you information on 5 super healing teas categorized in 3 ways.

First, what is the most potent and most antioxidant tea in the world?  White tea is the answer, and it is also the least processed tea – sun dried and contains 3 times the polyphenols as green tea, which is hailed as a healthy tea.  It is high in caffeine, but not compared to coffee.  According to Nutrition and Metabolism journal, white tea boosts lipolysis (fat breakdown) AND blocks adipogenesis (fat cell creation) so it multi-tasks fat loss, making it an ideal choice for slimming.  A recommended brand is Twinings White.

Second, which teas boost metabolism for energy and weight loss?  Green tea and Oolong tea answer this.  Green tea has gotten fame for being healthy because of a compound called catechins which trigger the release of fat from adipose tissue, particularly in the belly region.  Green tea is high in caffeine compared to other teas, however not compared to coffee.  Oolong tea is light and floral and has less caffeine, but still holds great metabolic boosting power.  According to the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, regular oolongers lost more weight over 6 weeks that non-oolongers.  Recommended brands are Yogi Green, and Bigelow Oolong.

Third, which tea can curb my hunger and satisfy my cravings?  Mint tea and Roobios tea answer this.  Neither tea is high in caffeine, so they can be enjoyed at the end of the day/evening if desired.  They also satisfy a craving for something slightly sweet-ish and can delay hunger, while also reducing stress hormones.  Roobios tea is especially useful for hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.  Recommended brands are Tazo Mint and Celestial Seasonings Roobios.